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Welcome to FicSavers.Com!

FicSavers.Com allows you to easily save stories from many fan fiction archives to plain .html files with customizable font & background colors and font faces.

We currently have 20.5 savers spanning multiple fandoms. Click here for our current list of savers available.

Registration is required to use the savers. It's free and instant to register.


Please excuse the mess! (Monday, July 21, 2008 10:28 PM)

I'm working on a new site layout so please excuse the mess. :)


After a reviewing the current registered users I have found a total of 93 accounts that are duplicate and in two cases triplicate.

PLEASE only register ONE account. If you lose your login you can contact me and I will send you your username and password.

Multiple registrations will be deleted without notice


Status Updates

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